If you are familiar with chemicals, you probably know cyanankali. In fact, if you have ever seen or read about a Second World War documentary, you may know that soldiers committed suicide or executed others using cyanankali. The best known are the Nazis and the Black Hand. Some of the renowned figures are Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goring.

Cyanali is a very toxic inorganic cyanide salt that people used instead of the more famous sodium cyanide. The chemical formula is KCN.


What is cyanankali?

A highly toxic product that works by releasing hydrogen cyanide that is highly toxic and limits your body’s ability to use oxygen. Exposure to cyanide can be fatal. It affects the entire body, especially organs that are sensitive to low oxygen concentrations in the body, such as the cardiovascular system (blood vessels and heart), the central nervous system, especially the brain, and the respiratory system (lungs). Commercial purposes in which cyanotali is used: fumigati