If you do not know what Nembutal oral solution is, it may sound very difficult to hear the name for the first time. However, it is not that, it is just a kind of barbiturate. Barbiturates are non-selective tranquilizers that weaken the central nervous system and are usually used as anti-epileptics or tranquilizers in sub-hypnotic doses. Nembutal oral solution is a sterile, clear and odorless beverage.
What is Nembutal oral solution?


It is a barbiturate that is used to treat sleep disorders or as anesthesia in high doses. The drug is known to cause some addiction. In countries where human euthanasia is legal, Nembutal oral solution is used to commit painless suicide. In addition, people can use the drug in emergency treatment after a stroke and anesthesia before surgery. There are other applications that are not mentioned in this manual.
The available doses


The observed lethal dose (overdose) of the oral Nembutal solution varies between 25 ml and 75 ml, depending on the age, weight and health status of the individual. This during the most common dose is 250 mg / ml bottled in a single oral solution of 25 ml. The lethal dose of nembutal causes pain-free death after about an hour or two after ingestion. you can order this product discreetly at home for any part of the world


The registered fatal overdoses are:
25 ml – adult / 45 kg – 125 kg
50 ml – adult / 125 kg – 295 kg
75 ml – adult / 300 kg – 700 kg


What are the applications for Nembutal oral solution?


Nembutal has become popular as a remedy for painful death. By using Nembutal to commit suicide, most people have suffered a painless death. Veterinarians use Nembutal primarily for euthanizing animals. You can also use it for anesthesia.

In the past, Nembutal was mainly used to treat sleep-related problems. But they have replaced safer sleeping pills and tranquilizers.



Nembutal oral solution is indicated for use as a tranquilizer, hypnotics for the treatment of short-term insomnia, anti-epileptics and pre-anesthetics
What happens in the event of an overdose of Nembutal oral solution?


All barbiturates are extremely toxic in the event of an overdose. However, the overdose varies from person to person. A sick elderly person can already take an overdose with small amounts of Nembutal. The same amount does not cause acute poisoning in a strong and energetic person. Overdose on Nembutal solution manifests itself through respiration and weakening of the central nervous system, which can lead to narrowing of the pupils to a limited extent or paralyzing dilation if the poisoning is severe, to palpitations, decreased body temperature, areflexia, decreased urine production, low blood pressure, Cheyne-Stokes breathing, and coma. In addition, shock syndrome and even death can occur.


Sleepiness – estimates show that one in three people suffer from it, so it is a common reaction.
Nervous System Attack – Most users may experience hallucinations, poor memory, irritability, confusion, nervousness, insomnia, hypersensitivity, and other side effects. All because the Nembutal oral solution has affected your nervous system.
Hyperventilation due to damage to the respiratory tract.
The failure of the heart and vascular system.
Digestive problems such as vomiting.
Other common reactions are liver damage, skin rash, headache, hypersensitivity, agitation, irritability, nightmares, na