MMB-2201 is called by names such as 5F-MMB-PICA, 5F-AMB-PICA and I-AMB. Specifically, it is based on the indole-3-carboxamide core, and should be considered the indole analogue of 5F-AMB.

Similar chemicals also include:

  • 5F-ADB


Can buy MMB-2201?

MMB-2201 can be sent directly to your home, office or place of business in most cases. Please note, though, that it is sold exclusively as a laboratory research chemical or for use as a calibration sample in a forensic or spectroscopy context. Its unique structure makes it useful in a range of in-vitro investigations where other indole cannabinoids would normally be used, but whose use has become inconvenient or impossible due to their popularity as designer drugs.


Is MMB-2201 is it legal?

That depends on where you live. MMB-2201 not legal in Sweden, Belarus or Russia, for example. It is not known to be illegal or controlled in any other major jurisdictions. However, We cannot undertake to know the laws, policies and regulations at play in your country. It is your responsibility as the importer or buyer to make yourself aware of and to comply with all such regulations.


Possible side effects of MMB-2201

There is little formally derived data on the pharmacology of MMB-2201. However, it has been identified in a variety of ‘synthetic cannabis’ blends throughout the US, Japan, Russia and Europe since around 2014. It is said that indole- or indazole-3-carboxamide cannabinoids are more dangerous than other types, so a great deal of caution should be taken in storing or handling this material.

Like many other synthetic cannabinoids, though, it is understood to cause euphoria and an elevated mood it can be associated with mild hallucinations, and has been linked to temporary short-term memory loss, feelings of hunger and dry-mouth. By some reports, these effects can be much stronger in the presence of other drugs or alcohol.


MMB-2201 is not labelled it intended for human consumption or use on animals. It is purely a research chemical and only suited for in vitro use.

MMB-2201 Cannabinoid